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After the rain 1
Swimming pool with two chairs
Flower arrangement in garden, Grace's wedding
Morning of the wedding, Savannah, Orleans Square
Waiting for the bride, Grace's wedding, Savannah
Chandeliers and grotto sculpture, Grace's wedding
Table flowers with wedding cake, Grace's wedding
Chuppah hanging from live oak, Grace's wedding
Corduroy Road rehearsing for Grace's wedding
Bar table at Grace's wedding
Tablescape, Grace's wedding
Fountain, Savannah
Fountain, Lotusland
Cactus garden, Lotusland
Columns, arch, Lotusland, Santa Barbara
Moon Garden, Lotusland, Santa Barbara
At Salutations again
At Lotusland Koi farm
Fish gotta swim
Big boy koi
Oh, koi!
David reads, Abby mulls over the big questions
Just shells and shadows. Nothing else.
Bolin Creek water study 1
Bolin Creek water study 2
Crystal contemplates hair
Crystal blow dries hair
Crystal cuts hair
Fish pond and fountain, Austin, TX.
Car as garden art, Austin, TX.
Cupcake stand, Austin, TX.
Pergola in February, Austin, Tx.
Cecelia working away, translating Swedish into English.
Boy peeing fountain, Austin, Texas.
Girl and grackle, Austin, Texas.
Cupcakes and tiramisu, Sugarland
My garden, February
Wedding cakes!
Iceland, water's edge
Iceland, moving water
Gaynelle and her mother, Carola
Salvadore Bonilla, at Tom Robinson's
Miz Carola Alston
Fish on ice, Tom Robinson's
Bar at Bin 54
Crook's Corner
Tom Robinson's Seafood
Jonas sleeping hallelujahs
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