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Portland street musician
Kumi sketching, Portland
Normandy, Jardins Agapanthe
Normandy, Jardin Castillon
Paris, garden of the Rodin Museum
Normandy, Jardins Agapanthe
Normandy: Clos du Coudray flowers
Normandy: Clos du Coudray flowers
Normandy, Clos du Coudray
Paris, mother and baby
Normandy, Jardin Plume
Normandy, Jardins Agapanthe
Rouen, view from our b&b
En route to Paris by train
Rodin bust study: le Sommeil
Paris: Pantheon in blue and brown
Normandy: Jardin Agapanthe #1
Normandy: Rouen cathedral
Normandy: auberge dessert
JFK airport lounge: jilted Frenchman
Paris, Café le Sélect
Normandy: lunch in Vernon
Turkey, Hagia Sofia interior
Kybele Hotel, Istanbul. My ceiling!
Istanbul, art school café
Turkey, restaurant couple
Turkey: Ephesus
Turkey: Artemis restaurant, Sirince
Turkey:  three animals
Sedat's profile
Turkey: turquoise Agean
Turkey: orange sailboat
Turkey: fruit and flowers
Turkey, view from hotel in Sirince
Turkey: figs, olives, tulips
Turkey, Aegean afternoon
Turkey, on the Aegean
Turkey picnic, Casey sketching
Turkey, Pirene theatre
Turkey, Susie's house
Turkey, Bodrum seafood
Turkey, busts at Bodrum castle
In the car, east or west?
In the car, everybody on the road
In the car, long and short
Garden journal alliums
In the car, March
Garden journal peony buds
Garden journal dianthus
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