> 2014 Gallery

Illustration for Walter Magazine: Piebird
Illustration for Walter Magazine: Person Street Pharmacy
Illustration for Walter Magazine: Raleigh City Farm
Illustration for Walter Magazine: Person Street scene
Illustration for Walter Magazine: Yellow Dog Bread Co.
Illustration for Walter Magazine: Wine Authorities
Illustration for Walter Magazine: Marsh Woodwinds
Walter Magazine illustration: Person Street couple
Illustration for Walter Magazine: Trophy shop
Fireflies ascending, magazine illustration
Saxapahaw canoes for Walter Magazine
Venice: Doge's Palace detail
Venice: Doge's Palace detail
Venice: Church of Saint Roch, details
Venice: gondolas
Italy: Montagnana main square
DM in color
Italy: Hotel Cipriani spread, left side
Italy: Hotel Cipriani spread, right side
Venice fish market spread
Venice: lion of the Arsenale
Venice: little bites for lunch
In Italy with Michael
Venice fish left
Asolo: Hotel Cipriani breakfast
Lunch at the Saxapahaw General Store/for Walter Magazine
Saxapahaw turtle for Walter Magazine
Neil, drawn with Magic Pencil
Journal, lenten rose
Journal, testing Tri-tone pencils
Neil, blue, white, toned
Journal, testing Tri-tone pencils
Saxapahaw General Store for Walter Magazine
Haw River Ballroom for Walter Magazine
Saxapahaw River for Walter Magazine
Saxa gen int 2
Portland: Caffe Umbria
Portland: waterfront, multi-colored
Portland: Floyd's Café
Portland: Cecelia sketching
Portland: Swedish café
Portland: Vicky and Linda sketching
New York: Met Museum bodhisattva
David x 2, drawn with multi-colored pencil
Hotel Iroquois, breakfast, drawn with multi-colored pencil
New York: architectural details seen from my hotel room
New York: Amanda at lunch, Grand Central Station
New York: Met Museum GuanYin
New York: Met Museum bodhisattva