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Berlin: view from Reichstag
Berlin Zoo: hippos
Berlin: Rolf and mural
Berlin: Rolf in black and white
Berlin: lunch at Restaurant Grolman
Berlin: view from rooftop terrace
Berlin: Olga drawing
Norway, view from boat
Norway, view from boat
Norway, view from boat
Norway, Bergen harbor
Norway, view from boat
Pirates on Parade, Portland, Oregon
Urban Sketchers' Symposium: Gabi, Simo
Portland street musician
Paris, garden of the Rodin Museum
Normandy, Jardins Agapanthe
Normandy, Jardins Agapanthe
Normandy: Clos du Coudray flowers
Normandy: Clos du Coudray flowers
Normandy, Clos du Coudray
Paris, mother and baby
Normandy, Jardin Plume
Normandy, Jardins Agapanthe
Rouen, view from our b&b
En route to Paris by train
Rodin bust study: le Sommeil
Paris: Pantheon in blue and brown
Normandy: Jardin Agapanthe #1
Normandy: Rouen cathedral
Normandy: auberge dessert
JFK airport lounge: jilted Frenchman
Paris, Café le Sélect
Normandy: lunch in Vernon
Turkey, Hagia Sofia interior
Kybele Hotel, Istanbul. My ceiling!
Istanbul, art school café
Turkey, restaurant couple
Turkey: Ephesus
Turkey: Artemis restaurant, Sirince
Turkey:  three animals
Sedat's profile
Turkey: turquoise Agean
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