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January 10, 2006


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I love this interior theme. It would serve me well to concentrate on this, making interiors works of art with proper perspective etc. would be a fun challenge. :) Nice studies Laura!

You rock.

Hi everyone! Will be taking daughter back to college today, will post an interior tonight! Addicted, says, Elaine---committed, says I, and maybe a trifle committable, too. Thanks for your encouraging words, as always.

wonderful stuff... i am becoming a slave to your posts, checking in daily to see your latest and greatest! i'm really enjoying it!

Oh good lord woman, you're addicted ... addicted I say ... blimey, I've found it hard enough to draw inside my own house without doing other places too lol! You're just soooo good at this stuff - do I detect a trace of enjoyment?


It's a lot more complicated, isn't it, having to deal with a multitude of perspectives and how all these things relate to each other? Kind of like juggling chainsaws. The Mexican restaurant looks like they have good food.

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