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February 24, 2007


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Dear Laura: Your sketches are gorgeous. I am so happy I logged onto your website. Please tell me what kind of a sketchbook you use (brand name and size) Obviously it is one that will withstand watercolor paint. When you sketch do you use a pen or pencil? Thanks for the info.

Thanks very much, everyone. The cafe scene was really fun to do---and I somehow managed not to sample it before I finished sketching it. I had my paints and pencils and other accoutrement scattered all over the table set for four, where I sat alone. Stuff expands to fill the space, eh?

This plate of food is making my mouth water, I adore salmon. The chair and fork anchor this painting nicely. Of all your latest postings I tried to pick my favorite...and would favor the food as I am hungry and it so colorful- your trademark style-however I love the contrast of the church against the blue sky and palm tree (limited color palette) a nice change of direction. Bravo!

Gosh I thought you were back in Paris, but then read down, I like the different colours and paper and what you are doing with them. Great stuff.

realy liked that afternoone sketch in restaurant..simple but very nice.

Lovely sketches ... the cafe scene is my favorite also. Great composition ... and your use of colors is yummy.

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