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August 12, 2007


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The painting with the 2 boats is so beautiful. It reminds me of a winslow homer, one of my favorite artists.

I'm still a BIG Daniel Smith paints fan! I'm just going to not rely on the mineral-based ones as much. Their other paints are super and really hold their color. I agree with Paris Breakfasts that Kremer paints are like spices, to be used to enhance and make bold. It's their opacity that I struggle with. I love their granulating properties. Thank you so much for all of your well wishes. My jetlag is preventing me from being terribly cogent, but I will try to answer individual questions in emails soon.

I'm sure you are having a great time in England. I leave for a short trip there on Monday. Can't wait.

Oh, where am I Laura!! I lived in Felixstowe, Suffolk about 10 years ago and not a day went by that I didn't go to Woodbridge! You must've been there by now...I hope you've enjoyed it and I'm so looking forward to your sketches!!

Missing you and your lovely posts, Miss Laura--I can always count on your sketches to lift me up and brighten my day. Your gentle sense of humor and helpful ways are an inspiration...


Nice to visit your blog again. Beautiful birds!

And interesting to see what you take. I am still strictly and purely digital and in the middle of travel - home is New Zealand but right now I'm in New York - and sketching!

I spent some time in an art shop looking at sketch books and water colour box not unlike yours. I'll do it too... one day.

I am not inflexible but my Thousand Sketches project is quite demanding, and I am learning a lot from that dicipline.

When it comes to paper, and paint I will be looking here more closely.

Go well in your travels.

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