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August 28, 2007


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It looks like you live in a park. How fabulous!

Your garden is magnificent! And I am not a fan of glads, but yours are very appealing. xo

i just love that garden of yours.

Merci beaucoup, les amis! You don't mind if I practice my French on you, do you? Robyn! Don't wish another wedding on me for years and years! Lydia, I'll wave to you and A and J and O from Kennedy airport. Katherine, I have no intention of competing with Big Knobby Great Dixter! Nancy, I've seen photos of your house in India---how could my garden possibly seem like heaven to you!! All the rest of you, many thanks for wonderful comments.

are we going to see you at all in nyc? lovely garden and painting! bon voyage

I always love it when you post pictures of your garden - it looks like anyone's idea of heaven.

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