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January 13, 2008


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OK - well I'm going to have a go at guessing. Not for nothing do I have shelves of detective novels!

I'm guessing Tenerife/Canary Islands for somewhere that is the same but different from Hawaii.

I've got a feeling that part of the 'mission' of your story might be about finding your 'theme'. In the same way as an artist develops a body of work on a subject. You've done the exercises, you've explored some of the media, now you need to take it a step further. Now 'theme' might be interpeted very liberally.....

So go on, am I warm? (Do you say that in the USA?)

A great group of paintings as usual. How exciting to have a bunch of trips ahead. That's my favorite thing.

Each and everyone of your posts is a feast! I love the oranges!!! The blood orange on my tree are ripe and I have been eating them till the juice run down my arms and forget about painting them!

Paris in March? Oh I do hope so! Wonderful sketches here of real life! Am looking forward to watching your project unfold. I have a few irons in the fire too, which involve lots of travel. More soon, as details emerge. xoxox

hum. Is this like 20 questions? Does your project have something to do with faces???International faces????International faces in context?????
This is lots of fun

I love the harmony of your blue and yellow man - I'm guessing it's David.
Please don't go completely gouache on us, Laura. I adore the stained-glass wonder of your pure watercolours.

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