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April 16, 2008


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Just popped by--had you and Jeffery on the brain. I like these faces, and you are good at aging them properly! I've noticed that that is not as easy as it appears...

Hi, just saw this entry. I was taking a grad class that proposes the artistic process is much like the writing process.
Also, think about a joint project where they make writing from your art, and you make art from their writing. A nice synergy. Good luck!

Thanks, everyone. Yes, teenagers are absolutely the greatest! I miss having a house full of them! I'm not sure the school would allow me to pursue such a project---I'm pretty doubtful, actually, that it would, but we will see. I'll be talking to the teacher next week.

Nice drawings! I too, love drawing/painting high school kids. They are so full of hope! My very first blog was about my "teenager series". They are the best subjects. I agree, it would be great to do that every week. Your three quarter profiles are great!

I love your drawings of people - especially since I've actually seen how you do them - no hesitation or erasures - you just get it right the first time. (yes, that note of jealousy you thought you detected is really there...)These are full of personality - the kids must be thrilled. It was fun to go back and see the ones from last year, too. and, as a bonus, I got to revisit your garden during the work. It looks a lot better in the photos than mine does right now, but I'm feeling encouraged nonetheless, remembering how perfect it was for the wedding...

These are awesome portraits! Your joy and excitement in this project shows in every line. There is such movement and liveliness in your drawings.

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