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May 31, 2009


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Wonderful works you have in your blogs. Enjoy browsing through your pieces of art. Will be back to see more works of yours.

What is the name of those walking shoes? They look stylish as well as being good for walking. I walk when in Provence but it's all up hill one way-but I get some great views. No neighborhood to speak of.

Walking is good, and walking in Chapel Hill was grand, but up here--well, I shall never adjust to the cold! I am now a confirmed rebounder.

Good to see your new work... I'm also popping by to see what you've recommended for pastels, as I'm signing my daughter up for a Handell workshop. I'm sure you're full of advice, if I can only find it.

Ooooh, sorry I missed this! What a delightful post...and yes, walking is GREAT. I once walked my way right out of a serious depression--great stuff! (I like your shoes, too, Miss Laura!)

Thanks so much, everyone! Pret, how was Paris?? Larry, I will look up that book for certain---any book recommendation from you is one to be seriously noted. Robyn--TWO pairs makes me Imelda?? We need to talk ;D.
I love walking, too. I'm not going to stop to sketch, but will sketch afterwards. At least, as far as my daily routine goes.
Dee, NO, I don't have to wear socks!!! They're Merrell Siren Mariannes. Check 'em out at Zappos ;D.

Great shoes, Laura, but two pairs! Mrs Marcos?;)

I have trouble taking walking seriously as exercise because of the joy of it. Why do I think that if something is good for me it has to feel awful? Anyway it's a joy six mornings per week and I too haven't yet managed to stop for a sketch.

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