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January 16, 2011


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Hi Ellen, great to see you here! Most of these ARE watercolor. I have used memory brush pens (no longer available in the US, drat it) and acrylic ink-filled waterbrushes for some of the drawing. I used india ink in the fourth one and a couple of others---you can tell which ones by looking, I think---didn't go back and check all of them. I use mostly Schmincke paints for the non-warm colors, but Daniel Smiths for the oranges and reds. It has been so much fun!

These amarylis are absolutely gorgeous. They are so vibrant and bursting with such amazing color. This can't be watercolors. Can you share what you are using?

Thanks very much, all of you! I will try to do a post on materials before too long

Well, these are all very vivacious looking! They're such dramatic flowers, and you've so captured that, Laura. Beautiful.

So fun and lively! I can't wait to hear more about them - the mediums and techniques. Love those Laurelines!

Happy New Year~~

These are so lively, very exciting. Play can be so rewarding.

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