> Faces

DM in color
Zach Clayton for Walter Magazine
pencil portrait for Walter Magazine 9/2013
Sir W with turquoise feather
Sir W on toned paper
Sir W in gold and black
Sir W in red and black
Paris, Rick Tulka.
Cahors, France. Drake at lunch.
Sedat's profile
Miz Carola Alston
Jonas sleeping hallelujahs
Paris people
Jonas at five weeks old!
Barcelona faces
Study of El Greco's 'Saint James'
Study of Velazquez' "Immaculate Conception"
Jonas at four days old
Jonas at four days old
Bernini bust
Queen Maria Amelia, after Mengs
King Ferdinand
Queen Barbara
Claire with scarf, Paris
Claire in profile, Paris
R in profile
Blair in blue and russet
Amanda's baby
Child in 3/4 profile
Asian woman
Monkey see, monkey do
Monkey in red, blue, yellow
the Elusive Great White Tundra Monkey
Moroccan woman
P with new earrings
E with pink hair
Benazir Bhutto
P at Thanksgiving
M at Thanksgiving
Girl in red and white, Clermont-Ferrand
Jeanne B, 8 years old, Clermont-Ferrand
Chateau wall figure, Amboise
Chateau wall figure, Amboise
Head, fireplace figure, Tours
Buddha head, Chinese
Bronze buddha from Thailand