> Faces

Mask from Niger
Woman in Paris
Peter F.
Peter W.
Albany and Gill
Woman listening to jazz, Boxford
Jazz lover, Boxford
Jazz lover, Boxford
Woman listening to jazz, Boxford
D at Spice Street
C in profile
Sara and her eyes
Sheila and Hank
Boy in poetry class
S in graphite
S with purple hair
S profile
Nepalese mask, RMA
Nepalese mask, RMA
Kate with earring
Elizabeth to the left
Elizabeth to the right
Acrylic and ink sketch after Japanese woodcut
Amish boy
Amish girl
Lynne and her earrings
Jessy drawing Ippy
le petit oiseau
Speckled mummy portrait
V's grandmother
Roman Egypt mummy portrait
P up close
Spanish farmer's mask, SAMA
Cadaver head, Bodies exhibit
Cadaver head
After Rubens
K in green and yellow
Ecstatic Shawn
Shawn's profile
Blue Shawn
Bold Shawn
Shawn's head, in crayon
My sketch of a Labille-Guiard painting
Blue and burnt siena face
Man withe hat and hair
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