> Animal sketches

Dordogne: sanglier tableau
Paris: grande galerie de l'evolution
Berlin Zoo: monkeys
Berlin Zoo: hippos
Turkey:  three animals
Abby takes a nap
Pearl napping
Birds in snow
Birds, quickly drawn
Birds at the feeder, snow
Brittany, lobster and crabs, Auray market
Pearl napping, August Sunday
Abby napping, August Sunday
Pearl kitty in oil pastels, ink, watercolors
Pearl taking a catnap
Pearl napping
Pig in mud
Three little pigs
Porky montage
Lily and Daisy
Chickens are mouth breathers
Combless rooster and some hens
Rooster and hen montage
Swans in and out of water
Swan montage
Swans sunning
Hen and goats
Kids and llama
Drowsy kids
Goats and llama
Dog and cat montage
Manatee skeleton, profile
Porpoise skeleton
Manatee skeleton, frontal view
3/4 profile cow
Sleeping cow, calf, eye studies
Standing cows
One napping, one not
Calves and cow
Turkey studies
Birdy montage
Abby lying low
Abby sleeping, Pearl, too
Dairy goats