> 2006 In the Garden Sketches

Orange flowers
Peony poppy
Dianthus, dry
Dianthus, wet
Wet garden in the morning
Safflowers from the farmers' market
Garden tools
Waiting for planting
Petunia planter
Garden with fish pond
Rows of lavender with yellow house
Lavender, two kinds, and oyster shells
Green gloves, dry
Green gloves, second pair, dry
Gloves, second pair, water added
Green gloves, water added to top sketch
Terrace and parterre
Black and white flowers
Cardoons from my front garden
In Moreton's garden
Orange chair, Moreton's garden
Garden sprinkled
Bee balm and barberry
Gooseneck loosestrife
Garlic flowers
Stokes aster
Hydrangea heads
Bottle tree, NCBG