> Still Lifes

Yellow, green, red
Yellow pots, etc.
Orange remnants on plate. On mat. With bowl.
Pencil shavings
Warm/cool still life
Garlic and shallots in French bowl
Tomatoes, herbs, plate
Island still life
Zinnias from farmers' market
Blue still life
Green and other colors
Tomatillos on glass plate
Melon, berries, yogurt, plate
Hot peppers on violet glass plate
Melon with eggplants
Garlics, knife, board
Plaid napkin with vegies
Hibiscus in Swedish vase
Plate, spoons
Danish as still life
Onions on blue English plate
Egg cups and salt cellar
Candles and window
Tomatillos, carton
Ginger, tomato on cutting board
The bluest hydrangea
Shells, napkin
Late July flowers, farmers' market
Santa barbara fruit bowl
Still life and Jeffery and Stanley's house