> 2007-2008 Gallery

Paris people
A diner Christmas
A dealership Christmas
Crystal and me, getting highlighted (highlit?)
Christmas parade, my town
West end, winter morning
Kate and Jonas
Kate reading, Jonas sleeping
Bar with lanterns
David watching teevee
Bee for Leigh
Musicians at Parc Güell, Barcelona
Jonas at five weeks old!
Dried blossoms
Flamenco guitarist, Barcelona
Mammoth at Parc de la Cuitadella, Barcelona
Boqueria Market, Barcelona
Carmen, la peixateria, Boqueria Market, Barcelona
El congrio, Boqueria Market
Parts of the Nativity facade, Sagrado Familia, Barcelona
Barcelona faces
Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona
Pigeons, Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona
Littlefield fountain, Austin
Study of El Greco's 'Saint James'
Study of Velazquez' "Immaculate Conception"
Jonas at four days old
Jonas at four days old
After the rain, three leaves, revised
After the rain, three leaves
After the rain, two leaves
Baby K and me
Watery paintings, my studio
Musical cherubs, Middleton Place, South Carolina
Figural sculpture, Middleton Place, near Charleston, SC
Rocks and water, Point Lobos, California
Taking Iceland home
Lunch at Fjoruhusid cafe, Hellnar, Iceland
Our room at Hotel Budir, Iceland
Scene from hotel window, misty day, Budir, Iceland
Interior decor, Hotel Budir, Iceland
Rocks and water, Budir headlands
Sunday breakfast, August
Pearl napping, August Sunday
Abby napping, August Sunday
David reading
Flowers in shallow space
Bernini bust
Michael  asleep en route
East Bay cafe, Charleston, SC