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Norway boat last
Mother sleeping
Mother's hand
Late afternoon, beach at Locmaria
Brittany, blue doors of my rental house
From the Doll Museum, Josselin
Brittany, Saint Jean-Baptiste
Brittany, lobster and crabs, Auray market
Bridge in Auray, Brittany
Brittany. cafe in Locmariaquer
Brittany, seafood at Auray market
Brittany, Pont-Aven house
Pont-Aven, Brittany, riverside
Morning in Locmariaquer, Brittany
Brittany, angel in Museum of Breton Culture, Quimper
Rocky beach, Golfe du Morbihan
Standing stones, Carnac
Tide's out, Golfe du Morbihan
Standing stones, Carnac, detail
Eglise Saint-Gilles, facade figures, Malestroit
Port Coton, Belle Ile en Mer
Rocky shore, Golfe du Morbihan
Breton rocky beach
Josselin chateau seen from Nantes-Brest canal
Josselin rooftops and basilica spire
Ebb tide, Breton beach
Las Ramblas Cafe, Charlotte
Room 103, Orlando
Dinner at Bonne Soiree
Walk journal, July 22
Obama spoke, I sketched
Dinner at the Carolina Inn
Walk journal, July 9
Clouds in her coffee
Walk journal, July 7
Grape arbor and gate
Buffalo sculpture at Cafe Driade
Walk journal, July 1
Corner of Franklin and Graham
Walk journal, July 3
Miel Bonbons
Frozen mint julep, Crook's Corner
Matthew's Chocolates
Bliss cupcakes
Barbecue joint
Rear view, dining at Crook's, on the terrace
Man makes martinis, we drink them, Crook's
Queen Anne's Lace and cornflowers
Santa barbara fruit bowl
After the rain 2