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My journal, bilious artichoke
Journal page: big poppies
San Francisco, Conservatory of Flowers
San Francisco, potato chip eaters
San Francisco, tea house tea
San Francisco, Conservatory of Flowers
San Francisco, Conservatory, left
My garden: peonies square
My journal: Dufyesque
My garden: wings
My garden: gray ground
My-garden: gray ground
My garden: oranges, greens
My garden: rainy alliums, peonies
My-garden: peonies, euphorbia
My garden: greens, oranges
My garden: allium, peony, lavender
My garden: after rain
My garden: light rain
My garden: cascading peonies
My garden: peonies
My garden: peonies
Sugarland window
Sugarland: couple
Sugarland: people
Blue crabs, sketches
Blue crabs x 2
Blue crabs x 4
Berlin Zoo: monkeys
Berlin: view from Reichstag
Berlin Zoo: hippos
Berlin: Rolf and mural
Berlin: Rolf in black and white
Berlin: Cecelia drawing
Berlin: lunch at Restaurant Grolman
Berlin: view from rooftop terrace
Berlin: Olga drawing
Journal: Mme Walska
Journal page: cyclamen
Journal: amaryllis Double Dragon 1
Journal: amaryllis Double Dragon
Journal: rose petals
Journal: amaryllis
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