> 2018 Gallery

Copper Mountain, acrylic on paper
Norway, Lofoten mountain
Snowy owl for Miles, acrylic on board
Norway, Bergen café lunch
Norway: Svalbard, Bear Island
Norway: geology of Svalbard lecture
Norway: Svalbard mountain scene
Norway: Bergen art museum, Bergen goldsmiths collection
Bergen: Kongetorsk, large carved wooden cod sculpture
Norway: Lofoten's Olstind mountain in red and blue
Norway: Dagmar's Toy Museum, Sakrisøy near Reine
Norway,  Longyearbyen, man on bus
Norway, Bear Island, near Nordkapp
Norway: shrimp dinner at Sakrisøy Underhuset
Norway, Svalbard: mountain, fjord, glacier sketch
Norway: Olstind Mountain, Lofoten
Norway: Blue mountain, Lofotens
Learning lino: Places Project
J C Raulston Arboretum, Zen Garden
Learning lino: Places Project
Journal page: garden additions
Learning lino: Places Project
Work in progress: Places Project
Still life and Jeffery and Stanley's house
Marble portrait bust at the Met
Breakfast in New York
Journal page, collage on toned paper
Morning 4x4: pink hyacinths
Morning 4x4: tea lights
Morning 4x4 tangerines
Morning 4x4 nuts