> Figure drawings

Shawn striding
Shawn in sky blue
Shawn,  almost contre jour
Shawn head and hand studies
New figure drawing group
Regina on her side
Regina partially wrapped
Bill half- recumbent
Bill seated
M facing
M with back turned
Garth sitting
Garth and Erick
Garth and Erick, again
Regina seated
Regina resting
Regina in profile
Manju, quickly
Manju asleep
Manju profile
Manju 3/4
Manju on two chairs
Manju in a sari
Manju with tired hand
Martha from above
Martha with crossed legs
Martha with raised knee
Modest Martha
Noelle seated
Noelle with knee up
Noelle lying down
Manju turning
Manju, quickly
Manju seated
Manju in profile
Kevin, side view
Kevin recumbent
Kevin from the back
Kevin reclining
Claudia's back
Claudia with upturned face
Claudia semi-recumbent
Maya on stool
Matissey Maya
Maya foreshortened
Maya, gesture drawing
Maya, frontal and seated
Maya, tentative
Maya profile